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I was born on a snowy day in 1973. Ah, I remember it well; let me tell you all about it. What, you don’t want to hear about my life from birth to this moment? Well, just know that if you happen to write and publish your life story, I will never read it. And if you sell the story rights, I will never watch the movie. EVER!

Still here? GREAT, I love that about you.  Well, here’s my Bio — written in 3rd person — the way all bios are — as if they weren’t written by the person they’re about. That always makes me laugh about bios. jenny show 1

Jenny Isenman is a humorist and the first Jen X’pert (Gen-X lifestyle expert).  A cross between Chelsea Handler, Erma Bombeck and Richard Lewis, (You know, the big three?) No, they don’t call them that? Oh, well anyhoo, she pontificates on the ironies of family, marriage, celebrity, aging, and fashion – for people who remember the making of the Thriller video.

Jenny is known as Jenny from the Blog, though it’s not her given name. She was born in the 70’s, so originally it was Jenny From the 8-Track, but like Madonna, she reinvented herself. Also like Madonna she wore goomie bracelets, tulle skirts, coal black eyeliner, had horrible ashy highlights, and tied lace in her hair. She admits that now, after years of therapy.

A freelance writer by trade, she’s the humor columnist for South Florida Parenting Magazine (a Tribune Publication) and writes for multiple parenting sites. She’s a featured writer on The Huffington Post Parents, Women, and Humor sections, YahooShine, and has a weekly column at The Stir.

Wearing her lifestyle expert hat (which is her second favorite hat, next to a super cute fedora), Jenny has been known to give advice (with a side of humor). She just finished taping a huge project with CafeMom and AOL called the Jenny Isenman Show, where she used her humor and Gen-x nostalgic throwbacks to provide a cheat sheet for moms on how to look better, feel younger and be healthier.

She’s contributed segments nationally, is an iVoice at iVillage and has reoccurring segments locally on NBC Miami – called Jenny’s Got the Scoop.  She also does multiple segments each year for CBS Miami, as a mom and lifestyle expert as well as FOX Naples, as part of the Mom Squad.

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8 thoughts on “About The Suburban Jungle

  1. Liz

    Seriously, Jenny, I came here because you were supposed to be funny, but after seeing “your fight wrinkles without surgery clip” (great show btw), I’m over here searching your site for beauty tips. You are one hot mama–I’d like to see some more reviews and tips (like the botox neck photos from the clip) and ways to undo the baby oil damage. If only we knew–sun-in and aqua-net damaged hair grows out… wrinkles are forever (or maybe not!)

    1. Jenny from the blog Post author

      You’re sweet. I do have some tips on the site, but they’re hard to find… If you watch the shows on CafeMom, there are a ton of tips and I’m going to start doing a weekly tip/product I’m obsessed with… I hope that helps and I hope you keep reading. xo

  2. Blake Stelle

    Hi Jenny,

    My name is Blake and I’m working with an award-winning production company and a top-rated national cable network to cast a new docu-series that will explore unique perspectives on parenting.

    I came across your blog The Suburban Jungle. First off what a GREAT name for a blog. Secondly, I loved reading through your blog and how your writing is so honest and relatable. I’d love to speak with you about this new documentary series and see if it’s something you’d be interested in. If you have any questions or concerns, I’m always available to speak with you.

    Over the coming weeks, we’ll be conducting interviews with prospective parents and families. These interviews will largely take place via webcam, so no travel will be required.

    I invite you to read more details at http://punchedinthehead.com/casting/. Don’t hesitate to be in touch!



  3. Kiana Wesler

    The Michael Jackson Thriller video is one of the most famous video clips of all time. That single film clip changed the way film clips were both produced and viewed. A 14 minute video clip was unheard of for the time and it set the world records for “Most Successul Music Video”. Thriller was seen as a mini-movie and completely different from the “band standing in front of a camera playing their song” type of film clip. It was the first of many video clips that Michael Jackson would produce that were spectacular in their production. “

  4. Willa Song

    Hey Jenny,

    We are Friendship is the Best Ship, a two-women improv and sketch group/web series and we are big fans of your site. Seriously, we read it constantly.

    We think you might like our webseries, and if you do, we would love it if you’d share it on your website/twitter! We released our second episode today at http://youtu.be/AyGsZbZo_VQ and our first episode can be found at http://youtu.be/YxE2GjqzyOk . If you could take a minute and watch, we would really appreciate it.

    Our press release is below if you would like more information about the show or about us, though you probably don’t want something as formal as a press release. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call.

    Thank you so much!
    Laura & Willa
    Friendship is the Best Ship
    Episodes released every Wed in June!



    Friendship Is The Best Ship: Episode 2, “Friendship is an Identity Crisis.”

    Los Angeles, CA – June 4, 2014 – Friendship Is The Best Ship (FITBS) released “Friendship is an Identity Crisis” today on YouTube at http://youtu.be/AyGsZbZo_VQ . This is the second episode of five that will be released through the month of June.

    This episode gracefully illustrates what can happen when you spend too much time with someone and gradually become the same person. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, until it becomes gratuitous. And these girls are nothing if not gratuitous.

    Friendship Is The Best Ship is a hybrid sketch group/web series from the collective minds of Willa Song and Laura Reich, best friends and creative partners. It follows the girls as they navigate the world with alarming ineptitude while mining their overt lack of sexuality, spending most of their time blissfully underemployed and in varying stages of hunger.

    Willa and Laura are both graduates of the University of Wisconsin. Willa has studied improv with the Upright Citizens Brigade and Emily Candini and both have studied with Miles Stroth. Their two-person team, Feet Hands, is coached by Mary Holland and they make regular appearances in the Los Angeles indie improv and sketch scene.

    The first episode of FITBS got rave reviews. Someone was overheard saying “This is gross,” while another person said, “I watched it.”

    Willa Song
    [email protected]
    Ph: 608.286.9017


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