Most Hysterical Stories Evah!

These are some of my favorite stories (net necessarily the ones that did the best on the site, but it’s my site, so I get to be the picker, funny my daughter says the same thing about her nose). Sadly, many of these tales are based on highly embarrassing moments in my life. I’ve had a lot of them.


3 thoughts on “Most Hysterical Stories Evah!

  1. Jenny Rasmussen

    Hi Jenny! Would love to have you as a guest blogger on our site. I especially love the post “the day my son’s ladybug ran away.” Cracked me up. Would you give me a holler?


  2. The last decade of coool !!!

    You forgot a few things that i thought you may like.
    After school specials!! – Probabaly will never exist again. But were cool.
    Freaks, Geeks, Preps & jocks – (the caste system of most american highschools back then)
    Smoking court for students. ( My class 1989 were the last permitted, sudent smokers in my state, Va.)
    Busy signals on phones – And redialing the phone (manually, with a rotory dial sometimes) over and over becuase you just had to talk to your friends.
    Monsters of ROCK concert – 2/3 of my school was gone that friday.
    MADD – PSA invented during 80’s
    Just say NO – PSA invented during 80’s


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