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Considering hocking your wares or your blog on my site?  Sounds good, well, depending on your wares/blog.  I like to work with companies and bloggers I would recommend, read or use in my own life!  Contact me at [email protected] to see if your wares/blog fall into that category.

I am opening new spots for ads: Banners and spots above the fold.

The Suburban Jungle gets over 40,000 page views a month and has 10’s of 1000’s of followers on social networking sites.  My audience is comprised of smart women that are hip, feel young, and are middle to upper class, with a huge base in major cities and their surrounding ‘burbs including: NYC, LA, Chicago, Boston, Balt/Wash, Philly and South Florida.


I’m open to campaigns and ambassador/spokesperson work and video campaigns (you can see a list of on-air work I’ve done in the bio section). I’ve done elite campaigns with Child Hunger Ends Here/ Conagra Foods, Deliver Lean, Sears, Monday Night Football ect. Email for complete list or samples of my work [email protected] . My sponsored posts are funny and written the way my other work is done, so that it’s organic and isn’t a “sell”. If I try a product and do not like it, I will not write about it and I will not charge you the sponsored post fee.

My campaigns have excellent click through because I’m uber picky about who I work with and how many I do, which is why they do well.

Email for pricing:  [email protected]

Reviews/Sponsored Posts:

I’m extremely picky when it comes to dealing with consumer brands.  Yes, to my parents delight, I don’t whore myself out to any company that offers to buy me dinner… or throw me a free washing machine.  That said, I would really love a free washing machine.

If you have a great product that contributes heavily to charity or does good, in terms of, child safety, awareness, making life easier for mom etc… or is “off the hook” awesome/unique, and you would like me to consider discussing it on the blog contact me at [email protected]

My sponsored posts are funny and written the way my other work is done, so that it’s organic and isn’t a “sell”. If I try a product and do not like it, I will not write about it and I will not charge you the sponsored post fee.


Jenny Isenman, AKA Jenny From the Blog is a mother of 2 and lifestyle/parenting expert who founded the successful website The Suburban Jungle.

She’s done segments all over the country from Seattle, Washington to Washington D.C.  In the past year she’s done 35 segments for NBC as well as multiple segments for CBS Miami, FOX Naples and Nickelodeon’s ‘Parents Connect.‘ She has an ongoing tri-weekly segment on NBC Miami called Jenny’s Got the Scoop.

A freelance writer by trade, she’s been featured and quoted in multiple national magazines including: Redbook, Mademoiselle and InStyle.  She currently writes about parenting and lifestyle iVillage, Momtourage, Hybrid Mom and City Mommy.

Jenny is a “go-to” expert on tips for moms and families across the nation.  She was recently named the newest iVoice on iVillage, which makes her a and representative of, moms nationwide.  She’s 1 of 13 Spokesmoms for Conagra’s “Child Hunger Ends Here” national campaign.  And she recently hosted Nickelodeon’s “Me Time Challenge,” providing daily tips on how moms can find more time for themselves.

Known on the web as “Jenny from the Blog.”  She’s the creator of the award winning humor blog titled  Her site was called the best Suburban Blog out there by Good Housekeeping.  Like a Hoover Wind-tunnel, she’s earned the coveted “Seal of Approval.”  And yes, she does stick to the side of her face for shameless self promotion.

Other Specialties:
Resenting and nagging her husband. Pretending to know what the hell she’s talking about. Alienating neighbors. Calling herself an “Expert.” Eating leftovers from meals off the kid’s menu, and pretending she’s still cool, even though she realizes that by calling herself “cool” – it’s a sure sign that she’s not.
Topics she  may explore: 

  • Why wrinkles and cellulite multiply like gremlins at the summer Olympics.
  • If I can ever fulfill my daughter’s dream to own matching pajama jeans.
  • What’s up with that invisible force-field around the sink that stops men from putting dishes directly in it?

Her ultimate goal: To take a humorous look at topics every woman can relate to and to give practical tips to help save time, money, face, and most importantly… SANITY!  Oh, and to teach dolphins to read.

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  1. Bella

    I am Bella. I visited your site and found the themes of your site are bound up with mine.
    I’m running a b2b company connecting China suppliers and foreign buyers. Seeing your site is built well, I would like to place a text link or banner ad (not the type of CPM and CPC) on your site. Are you interested in that?

    What is the price of it for 3 months?

    I’m looking forward to your kindly reply!

    Best regards,

  2. Anjuli Harary

    Good Afternoon,

    My name is Anjuli Harary and I am the director of sales and marketing at Cool Titles, a boutique publisher located in Beverly Hills, CA. We are big fans of The Suburban Jungle and believe that you would be highly interested in reviewing our recently published title, called “Rattlesnake Wedding.” A story about a lawyer’s engagement to a beautiful woman, wihose ex-husband (and father of her child) reappears into her life. Paperback copies are available upon request, and this title can be found on Amazon. We’d greatly appreciate any opportunity to work with you and your enjoyable site.

    Best Wishes,

    Anjuli Harary
    439 n. Canon Dr, ste 200
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    [email protected]


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