Dear Readers – Day 3 and 4 at Summer Camp – I’m Shockingly Low Maintenance

Dear Readers,

I'm Shockingly Low Maintenance (humor, mom, summer fun, camp lenox, jenny from the bunk, unhappy camper)

We have such similar summer camp style (me and the tweens) I bet you can’t guess which one is me? I’ll give you a hint… I’m the one with the wrinkles


Camp Lenox is pretty amazing. They cheer at meals out of the blue…

Not to be outdone by any summer camp… this totally happens at my house when I cook salmon and broccoli. Fine, it doesn’t.


Anyhoo, I thought I’d be freaking out about missing things, like a box spring, or my own shower, or all my apps, or Big Brother… or carpeting, but I’m way less high maintenance than I anticipated. I even took an impromptu shower in the closest women’s shower house  because I went in the lake and didn’t want to go back to the MOM house. I used some random shampoo that was not for “damaged or visibly thinning hair” and my hair seemed to have withstood the beating.

You can imagine my total horror when I realized there was no hair dryer, but I let my bangs air dry and only shed a tear or two. Which is less tears than the poor adorable girl 19 yo international staff member shed when she walked in as I was removing my towel. She kinda squealed and said something in another language and ran. I’d like to think it was,

“Excuse me, I’m so sorry, but I’d like to mention you are in such amazing shape, I only hope to be in such great shape when I’m 29 like you,”

but I’m thinking it was probably more like,

“Oh dear lord, my eyes my eyes. Please tell me, gross old lady, that you didn’t use my shampoo for normal perfect hair!!!???”

I will offer to pay for her therapy.

Also, I’m officially a pledge of the MOM house, the other houses I rushed weren’t in on the joke and found it weird that I kept asking them where the punch bowl is located and to teach me their secret handshake. I’m actually enjoying the moms. You know, it’s funny, we get so used to the routine of daily life. I mean, I don’t know the last time I made a new friend or had to explain my jokes or sarcasm to one of my besites or had to live with and share a bathroom with 4 women I’ve never met before. It will take time, but so far no one’s crazy is showing (which says a lot, as most people can’t hide “crazy”) and they all seem to be OK with my over abundance of make up, clothes, and shoes. Look, if The Real World has taught me anything, it’s that living with 6 strangers is not easy and those ‘instant bond’ friends that seem all shiny and perfect from the get go tend to lose their luster the second you need one of them to pull you off the table you’re dancing on.

I’m taking me time and trying to tame my sarcasm, so I’m not the one that has their “crazy” showing and I’m liking these MOMs more and more, let’s just hope one of them doesn’t cross me and drink my soda (which is clearly labeled) or steal my camp crush (which I’m totally letting you guys pick on Facebook).


Jenny From the Blog Bunk at Camp Lenox

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  1. Alison

    This rushing sounds way more difficult to traverse through than ours at UM…so brava fair lady, brava! Keep the videos and rants…uh I mean commentary (;-) coming because it is awesome!!!!

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