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Jenny from the Blog is not her given name.  She was born in the 70’s so, it was Jenny from the 8-track.  She also goes by Jenny Isenman.


Jenny Isenman is a humorist and the first Jen Xpert (Gen X lifestyle expert).  A cross between Chelsea Handler and Erma Bombeck and Richard Lewis. She looks at the ironies in everyday life and also gives advice on anti-aging, trends, health, fitness and fashion for people who remember the making of the Thriller video. Her ultimate goals are to make life easier for other moms and Gen Xers, and to keep herself sane.  Oh, and to teach dolphins to read. She’s pretty sure she’s failing at all three.

Jenny just finished taping a project with CafeMom called The Jenny Isenman Show,  She’s appeared nationally on the Today Show, Huff Post Live, and is a iVoice for iVillage.  She hosts bi-weekly local segments on NBC Miami called Jenny’s Got the Scoop, does segments for CBS Miami as well as FOX Naples.

A freelance writer by trade, she’s the humor columnist for South Florida Parenting Magazine (a Tribune Publication) and writes for multiple parenting sites. She’s a featured writer for Huffington Post’s Parents, Women, and Humor sections, YahooSHINE, Scary Mommy, and has a weekly column at The Stir titled “Did That Really Happen?”.

She’s called Jenny from the Blog at her award winning site: The Suburban Jungle. Jenny claims that reading it will make you smarter, tanner and reduces cellulite … at the very least it’ll keep you literate.

The Suburban Jungle has a following of educated women and other amazing people and was recognized by Good Housekeeping as the “Suburban blog to read.” She was also recently awarded a prestigious Excellence in Writing Grant from Mom 2.0.

My essays can be seen in the newly published book, “See Mom Run” -Side-Splitting see mom runEssays from the World’s Most Harried Moms. Beth Feldman- editor. I’ve been featured on (bi-weekly column) (contributing editor), InStyle, Mademoiselle, Redbook,, The, The,, Nickelodeon’s (hosted a “Me Time” challenge month).

You can find her on FB: ILoveTheSuburbanJungle Twitter: @SuburbanJungle Her Blog: The Suburban Jungle

Previous sponsors, campaigns, and spokesperson work will be listed upon request.

If you have questions about press, appearances, or freelance work you can contact Jenny at:

[email protected]

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