10 Hair Myths Debunked – My Aging Thinning Graying Hair Wants to Know

10 Hair Myths Debunked - My Aging, Thinning, Graying Hair Wants to Know...My hair, which was never more than baby fine to begin with, started to fall out as soon as I stopped breast feeding. Yes, when everyone else was losing their hair after giving birth, I was mocking them with my luxurious locks and my big engorged boobies. Of course they got theirs – my boobs and locks that is. The tatas deflated and the follicles ran for the hills, well, my drain.

Now, as I’m getting older, my hair seems to be thinning out even more. This is why I’ve become obsessed with making my hair thicker and also keeping it in my head. It’s also why I’m debunking all the hair myths I’ve fallen for over the years, because frankly, I don’t have time to crack raw eggs on my head and mix them with mayo on a daily basis. To me, that’s egg salad, and it should stay between two pieces of bread.

(This is part of my “I’m a Gen Xer, How do I Benjamin Button Myself Back to 25?” series for SmartBeautyGuide.com. The name of the column is not official, but it’s implied.)

Here’s the verdict on 10 common hair myths:

1. Split ends can be repaired.

The Verdict: Nay

Once the end is split it won’t magically re-meld — no matter how many luxuriously locked ladies say so, while swinging their enviable manes on television.  You have to cut above the split to repair the hair, period.

2.  Never pull your grays because a thousand or maybe 2 will grow back.

The Verdict: Nay

Though more grays may be growing in, it’s not because you pulled one. Gray hairs aren’t vindictive like that (even though they do seem pesky).
However, I was told that when you pull a hair straight from the root the new hair won’t lay flat. As long as it’s not gray, I’m good.

3.  Hair extensions are bad for your hair.

How could they be bad when people swear they’re being glued on with non toxic glues or tapes or woven in with care? (that was sarcasm)

The Verdict: Yay (well actually, boo)

Heavy extensions can pull at the hair and cause breakage or atrophy of the follicle. Also, getting a brush or your finger stuck in extensions (because you often forget they’re in) will break hair. If you need to wear them for special occasions, like, when you’re up for an Oscar, use the clip ins or leave them in for about a month and then give them time off.

4. The pot of wax they use in the spa or salon is sanitary because of the temperature they keep it at.

The Verdict: Nay

Not if they use the same stick twice! No, it’s like the cooties you’d get from double dipping a chip in salsa, except with wax you’re sharing crotch cooties and everyone knows those are the worst cootiesI  In fact, the warm damp environment of that pot is a breeding ground for bacteria. Ask if they use a fresh stick for every application and stroke, if not … say adios.

5. Rinsing with cold water is good for your hair.

The Verdict: Yay

I’ve gone this for years and I’m thankful to find out it does something, because frankly, that blast of cold water makes me want to jump through the shower door. Apparently, it seals the hair cuticle which locks in moisture and stimulates the scalp, which gets the blood flowing. A head massage works too, you can do this yourself, but not in public (it looks weird).

6.  Shaving makes your hair grow in darker and thicker.

This one has been around since the time my mom made me promise to never shave over the knee. (I think it was sacrilegious in the 80s.)

The Verdict: Nay

The truth is, it just looks that way because shaving cuts the hair at its fattest point, which makes the stubble seem thicker, it is not, so shave away.

7. Washing your hair every day will dry it out.

The Verdict: Nay (if they’re alcohol free)

Though alcohol free may not be the way you wanna go at your New Year’s party, it is better for your hair. If you’re like me, your hair could grease a pan by day 2, so lather up!

8.  The best way to deal with ingrown hairs is to be hands off.

The Verdict: Nay

One would think that avoidance sounds like good advice, even though not one woman on Earth would have the willpower to leave ingrown hairs unplucked. If you do a gentle scrub after you get waxed it’ll take off the top layer of skin, which can block follicles and cause hair to curl under and grow into the skin.

9.  It’s best to shave in the same direction of the hair.

The Verdict: Nayish.

To get the closest shave you should go in the opposite direction, however, if you’re prone to ingrown hairs or have sensitive skin, that may not be the “path to take.” Pun intended.

10.  What you eat doesn’t affect your hair.

The Verdict: Nay

Taking vitamins and or eating foods rich in: Vitamin A, B, C, and E (antioxidants) will improve the health of your hair.  Biotin, Folic Acid, Iron, Zinc, and Cysteine can help with hair growth.  Eat meats, leafy greens, nuts, egg yolks, soybeans, and fish.

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XO – Jenny From the Blog

7 thoughts on “10 Hair Myths Debunked – My Aging Thinning Graying Hair Wants to Know

  1. sparkling74

    I can’t imagine wearing hair extensions because I always picture EVERYTHING ggetting caught in them and ripping every last hair out of my head!

    My mother also demanded that I never shave above my knee and I thought she was nuts. There was a girl on my freshman hall in college who did not shave over her knee. It made me make sure to shave every.single.day up to my eyeballs. Everyone should shave over their knee!!!

  2. rachy

    Thank you for the advice. Tell me about thin hair! A year or so ago, my cousin said I look just like my grandmother and great aunt who had thin hair, especially in the front!

    About a decade I was becoming mostly all gray (thanks to my northern European ancestors in Germany and Ireland). A little gray can make you “distinguished,” which, in my profession of engineering, can translate into more respect. But now I just color it every time the roots are starting to show.

    That can be a mixed blessing. Last time I got a color and cut, and my stylist teased up a few waves on top, a homeless guy on the street asking for a smoke said I looked like “a young Rod Stewart!”

    After a complement like that, I’m thinking winter isn’t all bad if I can only just hide my hair under my nice, warm winter hat all the time!

  3. Amy

    A quick blast of the cold tap is the only thing that gets me out of the shower, so i’m glad to see it has benefits!

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