35 Reasons Moms are Late

35 reasons moms are late

I was never an incredibly punctual person, but but becoming a parent has put a whole new spin on my excuses for being late to meetings, school drop off, parties and appointments. As was made apparent in my “20 Momisms Translated” post, we moms have a lot in common… why should this be any different?

Back in the day, I was late because of the normal stuff, you know, my hair didn’t look just right, my alarm clock didn’t go off, there was traffic on 95… Now, between me barely keeping my head on straight and my kids being out of their minds, my excuses look more like this:

Sorry I’m late but …

1. My daughter’s socks hurt, or as she put it, her socks “hate her.”

2. All of a sudden, none of their shoes seemed to have a mate. NONE.

3. I couldn’t find my keys … they were in my pocket.

4. My kids were fighting over who got to sit in which seat.

5. My daughter’s fingernail was itchy.

6. My son decided to wrestle with the dog rather than simply walk out the door, so we had to roll off the fur, but I couldn’t find the lint roller, so I had to fashion one from masking tape and MacGyver it off.

7. Both my children had to make a last-minute poop.

8. It seemed like a good time for one of them to ask where babies come from.

9. There was a wardrobe malfunction that led to wet underwear and a much-needed last-minute bath.

10. My son skinned his knee walking to the car.

11. My kids got suddenly parched, which led to drinks, which led to snacks. So we’re here to meet you for lunch, but frankly no one is hungry.

12. No one heard me say “it’s time to go,” even though I said it 20 times … at various volumes.

13. My daughter decided this would be a good time to have a meltdown over something that happened hours ago. Did I say hours? I meant days.

14. My kids were fighting over who the dog loves more.

15. My son remembered that he forgot to do his homework.

16. It seemed like a good time to ask about puberty.

17. I couldn’t find my phone … I was talking on it.

18. My son got a fever on the way to the car.

19. My daughter’s underwear was too “elastic-y.”

20. My dog, who just went out, decided to pee on the floor.

21. My son found the pee … with his foot.

22. My kids were fighting over what radio station I would get stuck listening to.

23. I couldn’t find one of my kids, he/she was waiting in the car.

24. It seemed like a good time to ask about homosexuality.

25. My daughter changed 13 times until she felt she was wearing something that said, “I’m fashionable, but not so chic that I can’t meet someone for fro yo.”

26. We couldn’t find the cat, she was sleeping in the cabinet with the pots and pans.

27. My kids bumped heads getting into the car.

28. My daughter realized she forgot to put on underwear and she was wearing a skirt.

29. My son’s elbow hurt.

30. My kids were fighting over whose tongue is longer.

31. My daughter decided that an old cut needed to be re-cleaned and bandaged. We couldn’t find the cut as it had basically healed, so we cleaned and bandaged where we thought it used to be.

32. I couldn’t find my glasses, they were on my head.

33. My daughter wanted to draw this picture for you. You better love it!

34. A stuffed animal that we haven’t slept with or seen in months was noticed to be missing as we exited the house. Lost signs needed to be made, the milk carton people were alerted, and we ransacked our home to find it.

35. My son fell out of the car while getting into the car.



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28 thoughts on “35 Reasons Moms are Late

  1. Vanessa

    Number 1. I used to spend what felt like hours watching my youngest adjust his sock put on his boot, take his boot of readjust his sock and then start all over again. To ride in the car for five minutes and take his boots off again at daycare.

    1. D

      Vanessa, let me save you some trouble. Seek out an occupational therapist for sensory integration. Look me up and I can send you what I already have. It’s a real game-changer.

  2. Andrea


    Seriously. This is absolutely true. The whole lot of it. Thank you. :>


    Funny, Funny, Funny…I remember things like, I can’t wear this shirt the label hurts me or my underwear is too tight, or I have to fix my hair for the umpteenth time or I don’t feel good, my tummy hurts, feel my head. As the saying goes, what goes around, comes around. Enjoy parenthood, it gets better…maybe

  4. Cristina

    YES!!! This is why life seems to be getting HARDER – my kid and our dogs! Thank you for reminding me this will all get better in oh, about 11 years at which point I’ll wish I could go back and experience the joy all over again.

  5. Megly Mc

    I never tire of hearing about how my children aren’t the only ones who fight constantly over absolutely nothing. Makes. Me. Crazy.

  6. Barry

    Loved and laughted throughout the entire article. Either I had an awesome kid or I have a terrible memory. Can’t remember having a lateness problem and can’t remember any shenanigans. Maybe you saved all the wonderful, I saw your moms reply, for her so that 30 years later she would have a more cool and funny reply to your article.
    By the way, loved the new picture at the top of the post!!!!

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  8. Deb

    Ok, so I’ve used at least 25 of those…on the teacher, attendance lady, and Principal!! Today…my middle schooler asked about “swingers!!” I spit my coffee out of my mouth all over his waffles that as was preparing!

  9. christie

    I would love to blame my kids, but my biggest reason for being late is that I forget EVERYTHING. Glasses on my head, keys in my hand I will spend the next 20 minutes looking for my glasses and my keys.
    Once in the car, I’ve left my phone. I get my phone, now I left my glasses on the table when I picked up my phone. It is neverending.

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