Why is it So Hard Sending Kids off to Camp

The other day I got my first letter from my son. It was signed thus: “Mom, I love you sooooo much. Let’s keep in touch.”

Really? Let’s keep in touch? Shall we, shall we do that? Hmmm?

I don’t know where he learned that particular sign-off or if someone told him to write KIT (Keep in touch) at the end of each letter and he decided to formalize it, but the “Let’s” is really the kicker, huh?

You see, “Keep in Touch” as a phrase is simple.  It implies that the other person should write often. “Let’s keep in touch” implies that he’s decided to move out or that we’ve just run into each other at the mall after years apart and one of us needs to run off because a cute outfit in the just caught our eye.

Brunette says, Let's Keep in Touch. Blond says, Not if you buy that sweater vest!

Let’s Keep in Touch says:

“You know, it’s so easy to lose touch these days, let’s not let that happen to us.”

“Hearing from you was so nice, why don’t we make a real effort to keep each other up to date and not let too long of a span go by.”

“I’ve always enjoyed you, I don’t want to let our distance tear us apart, if we can help it.”

Well, gosh darn’it, I will keep in touch. I know, easier said than done, but I mean it. I know you will too, because the rent on your new apartment won’t come cheap and I don’t think they accept stars.

12 thoughts on “Why is it So Hard Sending Kids off to Camp

  1. cherie

    I thought this was hilarious. That’s exactly how he signed my letters. Is he joining the Navy?

  2. Bari

    Let’s keep in touch is great, cool, hip,. He’s letting us down easy…he’s having the time of his life, he’s a busy man.., you know he’ ll write if gets to it. Keep writing, it fuels his ego. But dont bruise too easily… He could just be para sailing or …… You know, focusing on the other girls.

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  4. Dorothy

    I just found your blog and it pains me to admit that I am beyond this phase of life but it’s fun reading others journeys that resemble my past so much.
    I have to share this from a letter my 8 year old son wrote from camp….he signed it, Love Matt Foster. ‘Cuz it might have been from another Matt and I probably wouldn’t have known who it was from. You know, not the boy I birthed and loved and missed so much who was at camp, but another Matt. Good thing he put his last name in there, whew.
    The boy signed birthday and mother’s day cards with his full name too. I still laugh at that and he is 29.
    Let’s keep in touch, k? Is it ok even though my kids are your age? And I have grandkids who are 13 and 8? K? I could comment on every one of your posts! LOL
    Love your blog!

    1. Jenny from the blog Post author

      Dorothy – I’m so glad you found the blog. I love new readers… I’m narcissistic like that. Oh Matt Foster. He sounds like a kid who really went the extra mile. My dad used to write Dad Baitch on everything. Yes, Baitch is my maiden name and the repercussions of having such name is a whole other blog post. But that said, it was as if I may have had other dads out there. I think part of me was hoping one would at least give me a gift and a card like the dad Baitch guy did…. One question: Did Matt grow up to be a lawyer?

  5. Dorothy

    No, he did not, but he is and always has been one to argue and never take anything at face value. He would have won every case. He once argued a case with a relative about the value of being a pirate with a peg leg or a hook arm, just to argue about it. He chose the peg leg. It was quite intense! LOL
    He is extremely smart and opinionated and sounds like your husband when he argued with the guard and the cop. The rules never apply to him. He would argue with me if I mentioned to him the sky was blue, he’d say no mom, see that cloud over there?… it’s white. Right, sigh, how could I be so mistaken?
    Oh and I forgot to say, he would not just write his name at the end of the letters and cards, it was, “Love”, Matt Foster. To differentiate from the other Matts who loved me too. Of course to be fair, I have to admit that when he was little and being naughty or silly and wouldn’t give me a kiss or hug, I used to tease and tell him I was gonna find me a “new Matt” who loved me. Yeah yeah what can I say lol bad mom.

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  7. Rebecca Einstein Schorr

    I always thought that “let’s keep in touch” could also be used as a blow-off. As in — don’t really have any interest in seeing you/writing you/calling you again, but I know that I’m supposed to say something here.

    I think it’s great that he wrote and hope he writes again soon.

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