Summer Trend Report : How to be a Chic Mom

In my latest assignment, I sat down with Andrew Taylor the director of a major company that just totally revamped to find out what’s hip for summer.  Wanna know?  You gotta watch:

What’s your favorite trend for summer?

11 thoughts on “Summer Trend Report : How to be a Chic Mom

  1. Bari

    That vid was so fun. Hope you had as much fun (fakin’ it), I mean making it as I did watching it! Who was your videographer? Great job!

  2. Barbara

    I love to know about hot trend and I rarely have time to follow them, but these are doable. I know, the Ann stores look great right?!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Mike

    Love the piece you did a fab interview and now I know I’m wearing the right colors for summer. Tee hee, I’ll tell my partner the news. Peace, keep up the good work.

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