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Dealing with Tweens 101 – Play it Cool and Avoid Miley Cyrus

miley wrecking ball







Recently, my 11yo son made me watch Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball” videos. He felt that I had to see them to believe them. Now, if you haven’t seen the videos, let’s just say one is a lot of twerking and writhing and what we use to call “freaking” and “dry humping” (way back in the 80s). Plus a little girl on girl innuendo and a lot of Miley’s scantily clad body rubbing up against things like she’s trying to itch a yeast infection without using her hands.

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Top 10 Recent Celebrity Screw-Ups

This weekend my story, “Kanye, Miley, Serena: Talking to Your Kids About Celebrity Faux Pas” was the top story at iVillage.  From Miley pole dancing to Sienna’s serial cheating to Vanessa Hudgens’s nude pics, celebs sometimes make poor choices.  How do we, as parents, make sure our children don’t emulate their role models? Read article.