Motherhood Feeling: If I’m the Sane One – I Must Be Losing My Mind

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Do you ever have certain feelings about motherhood, like: Is it supposed to make me this crazy? How am I supposed to be able to think on this little sleep? How come it affects my ability to have a rational thought or conversation … or my ability to shower on a regular basis? Yeah, me too … I usually have those thoughts after conversations like this:

Yesterday, I asked my husband which he thinks is worse: The fact that I had to tell J to stop smelling our kitten or the fact that I had to tell the kitten to get out of the microwave?

Mark: I think the kitten in the microwave.

Me: Really? I know it’s odd that she jumps in anything that’s opened, but she’s a cat. J is an 11 year old human.

Mark:  Yeah, I don’t think that’s bad, plus she smells good?

Me: So then you smell her too?

Mark: No, I don’t smell her.

Me:  Then how would you know? It’s not like she’s perfumed, you have to basically mush her fur up your nose to get a whiff.

Mark: How would YOU know?

Me: ‘Cause I’ve smelled her too. (I’m beginning to think the poor cat feels violated by my family constantly sniffing at her, not to mention the dog who sniffs her at the other end.) For the record, she does smell good, but I only smelled her because J smelled her, and I wanted to see why he was smelling her. I’ve smelled the cat for the reason most people smell cats … research.

Mark:  I have a feeling people don’t smell cats for research.

Me: Well, it’s a better then being a cat smeller like you … and now your offspring smells cats, I knew you would genetically screw things up somehow. I hope you’re happy.

Mark: First of all, I don’t think there’s a gene for cat smelling. Secondly, I’m not a cat smeller. I’ve only smelled the one.

Me: Really, that’s like saying I’m not a murderer, I’ve only killed that one person.

Mark: No, it’s actually nothing like that. It’s simple – she’s soft and sometimes when I put my face in her face I also have to breath and that is the extent of my cat smelling habit.

Me: The dog is soft….

Mark: Yes, and he smells good too. We have soft animals that smell good, we’re very lucky.

Me: I feel like we define lucky differently.


Please tell me if you’ve ever smelled your pet (I need a way to justify the crazy in my house)?  

Go ahead, share this with anyone who needs a reminder that we’re all insane!

11 thoughts on “Motherhood Feeling: If I’m the Sane One – I Must Be Losing My Mind

    1. stef

      I have smelled our one cat, Jack, but not the other one, Louis (sorry, Lou). But only because our kids said he smelled good, and he does– Jack smells like…fresh laundry. Like a pile of fresh clean fluffy towels or linens or something. Maybe he’s sleeping in the linen closet and I’ll find a bunch of all haired-out sheets in there someday, I don’t know. But I’m always amazed that he smells so fresh and Bounce-y. He could totally double for that bear on the Bounce fabric-softener box, or Snuggle, or whatever it’s called. 🙂

      So, you’re not crazy…

  1. bookmammal

    I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who has conversations like this! Sometimes I can’t believe what I hear myself saying. For the record–I have two cats, and they both smell very nice, thank you very much!

  2. cherie

    My cats generally smell good…I think its because they constantly are cleaning themselves. But to let you know, I couldn’t stop laughing when I read this post, you are a little insane…

  3. BethB

    I occasionally smell my cats. Only between the ears. That bit usually smells good. Not so sure about the rest if the cat. They regularly nibble my elbows and milk-tread me prior to demanding a cuddle so I think I’ve earned a quick sniff.

    1. Barry

      Got a big laugh out of this post. That being said; I disagree with BARI’S comment. We were smelling our dog a couple days ago—-you can’t help it, he smooches up to us before we go to sleep, and like it or not your gonna get a whiff. I think he smells GREAT.

  4. Jeannette Gravett

    This is hilarious – am crying with mirth!
    Howewver, OF COURSE I smell my cats when they come inside – having spent time outside in the natural world – they smell gorgeous – this is obviously where French perfumers get their inspiration from!

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