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I May Have Run Over an Elderly Gentleman While Driving Carpool… Oops

This picture imlies that he was washing my car. He in fact, was not, but I couldn't find a better picture of an elderly man near a car... MAKE DO. This picture implies that he was washing my car. He in fact, was not, but I couldn’t find a better picture of an elderly man near a car… MAKE DO.

See how polite I’m being?  Calling him an elderly gentleman and not an old curmudgeon?  No, that would be rude and I am not rude.  Well, unless you consider running a poor old curmudgeon over with your car “rude.”  Then yes, I may be rude, but I have an excellent vocabulary and that has to count for something. Continue reading

What’s Hot for 2011-2012 School Year

Tips for Back to School Shopping,  What’s hip for 2011-2012 and where to get it on a budget.

I know, it’s still 10,000 degrees and the kids are way more exited about slip and slides than sliding scales, but it’s back to school time. Part of me wants to give a woof woof a la Arsenio Hall and the other part realizes, that simply referring to the dog pound makes me seem really old and shockingly uncool.

He was doin the "fist pump" long before the Situation


So let’s just go with a pound don’t forget to explode it… cuz that’s cool.

Now, the question is, How do I get the kids equipped, organized and on trend… on a budget and on the bus? Look, mine are at each other’s throats. Frankly, no school in the animal kingdom maybe the reason some eat their young. Well, except fish… they have school. But when was the last time you heard about fish eating their young? Hmm? I think I’ve made my point. Continue reading

Tips for Dealing with Separation Anxiety

boy holding her mother's legsUsually, separation anxiety happens when children are in preschool, which means… it’s kinda not mandatory.  But, let’s be honest, the socialization is great for our kids, and it’s nice to have time for a shower.  It’s such a ridiculous experience if you think about it, you’re torturing your child and yourself and the whole time you’re asking, “For what?”  For three hours of freedom, which you’re going to spend worried and upset?  When it’s happening, all your parenting instincts are telling you to go in and save your child from this injustice and then finally the teacher pops out and says something like, “It’s okay mom, she’s doing great.”  Meanwhile, you hear the dry heaving in the back ground. Continue reading

Good Homework Habits | See My New Segment on NBC 6 (Fixed)

I’m now a Parenting Correspondent for NBC 6 Miami and the Second Segment on Healthy Homework Habits is in!!!
If you’re in the South Florida area, you can see my segment on Friday’s South Florida Today show, which is between 11AM and Noon. Please tune in or tivo and tell your friends. I’ll bring you 5 tips each week to help tackle parenting issues that we all deal with like separation anxiety and homework habits, to learning to say “no,” a skill I’m still perfecting, and by perfecting I mean failing miserably at. ENJOY and Thanks for the support!

Screw the ABC’s: I’m Never Going to School | Baby Ryan’s Rant

kids at schoolOkay, so here it is: I’m never going to that g-d forsaken place you call school. I know it’s totally anti-establishment of me to say it, but I went to visit that place with my brother and after one look, I was out.