27 Things I Shouldn’t Admit I’m Thankful For – But I Am

27 things I thankfulYesterday, I was sent a group Facebook questions asking me to name one thing I’m thankful for that isn’t cliche or traditional. Other people tagged in the post were coming back with beautiful sentiments about new friendships, the help of strangers, and averting disasters, which in my opinion wasn’t really following the rules at all. If that’s not the traditional stuff, then what is?

I didn’t respond because everything I thought of seemed trite, superficial, and a tad less profound – even though I’m pretty sure that was the point. Whatever, facebook people who don’t follow directions.

So, I did write a list because these things totally deserve thanks in my book — just refrain from saying them around the dinner table.

1.  I am thankful that I keep a pair of tweezers in my car.

2.  I am thankful my kids can’t decode my Momisms, like the fact that “Let’s play the quiet game” really means: Stop talking, my ears are bleeding.  or “One day you’ll thank me” really means: Hopefully, we’ll all forget this ever happened.

3.  I am thankful my daughter has not lost faith in the tooth fairy, and my son goes along with it.

4.  I am thankful for the dimmer switch in my bedroom.

5.  I am thankful that I haven’t had to clean up pee (kid’s, pet’s, or otherwise), once this week.

6.  I am thankful for those awesome skinny hangers that make my closet seem bigger.

7.  I am thankful that on my last date night I stayed out past 10, which means I didn’t have to circle the block 5 times to make sure the kiddos were asleep and the sitter didn’t look down on us for being so lame.

8.  I am thankful for stars like Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Heidi Klum, and J.Lo, who make being 40  seem – not so old.

9.  I am thankful sweetner packets can be used as makeshift floss – in a pinch.

10. I am thankful my kids are finally at an age where they’ll watch my shows with me, instead of making me watch their shows with them.  I’m pretty sure Disney XD was causing my brain to atrophy.

11. I am thankful that my son still waves to me when a bunch of his friends are huddled together at the bus stop.

12. I’m thankful I can still get away with some bold faced Mommy lies like: I’m sorry the arcade is closed on Sunday’s or Harry Styles hates girls who don’t listen to their parents.

13. I’m thankful for Jon Hamm and his massive package – which has made me consider converting.  What, Hamm isn’t kosher?

14. I am thankful for The Voice, but mostly Adam Levine because he’s not only the sexiest man alive, but also the Jewish mom’s Jon Hamm.

15. I am thankful that I don’t look anything like the portraits my kids draw of me, seriously!

16. I am thankful for my besties, who will tell me if my butt looks fat when it actually looks fat, or pretend they need me to fix their bra strap, to save me from a tedious conversation.

17. I am thankful my kids are old enough to figure out how to buckle seat belts, wipe themselves, and use step stools to reach things.

18. I am thankful they still ask me to lie with them at bedtime, anyway.

19. I am thankful for Netflix, which allows me to watch 500 hours of a show that started 6 years ago and ends in a month. (I will be more thankful when there is a Netflix Anonymous.)

20. I am thankful I didn’t start a Meth Lab after binge watching Breaking Bad (it was tempting).

21. I am thankful I haven’t tripped over orstepped on a Lego, Barbie, ball, skateboard, drum stick, puzzle piece, My Little Pony, or something from a Happy Meal even once today (that may be a record).

22. I am thankful Deep Lichen Green is the new Black — it’s really the unsung hero of slimming colors that one can barely pronounce.

23. I am thankful for Lycra

24. I am thankful that no one judges me when I’m at carpool, or Starbucks, or the grocery store – braless, wearing Uggs and pajama pants – which probably isn’t true because I totally judge them.

25. I am thankful for almost anything that starts with a lowercase i.

26. I am thankful my kids haven’t realized that I have no clue what I’m doing.

27. I am thankful for the $20 bill I found in my jeans yesterday — that’s always exciting.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for traditional stuff too, but it’s super cathartic to mention the stuff that might get you kicked out of Thanksgiving dinner.

Try it, I promise not to judge. What is the most nontraditional/superficial thing you’re thankful for?


15 thoughts on “27 Things I Shouldn’t Admit I’m Thankful For – But I Am

  1. Lori B

    I’m thankful that when my 3 year old drops the f-bomb at preschool that I have a 17-year-old nephew to blame on it even though I was totally the one that taught it to him.

  2. Lynn

    I am thankful, in an ironic sort of way, that my 13 year old boy is getting interested in girls because his hygiene habits have improved considerably!

  3. Jennifer Steck

    I’m thankful that I don’t cook well, so my family assigns me mostly store bought items to bring for Thanksgiving dinner. Makes things much easier and I still get the turkey and stuffing. Yum!!

  4. Rachel at BacknGrooveMom

    I am thankful for you – who makes me laugh when I really want to be anti-social…like at conferences

    I am thankful for red wine, especially while planning a bar mitzvah

    Mostly, I am thankful for my mom….but, don’t tell her.

  5. christie

    Those are great! I have a somewhat similar list- #27 is awesome! I had that happened but it was only $5- but hey, it got me a Starbucks caramel brule latte…

  6. rachy

    It’s good to be thankful for little things, like:
    1) A week without any out-of-the-box dividends from the cats.
    2) A night of sleep uninterrupted by a cat thinking 4:40 am is time for breakfast
    3) A week without a son requesting a transfer of funds
    4) One of the engineers who works for me saying “I already took care of that.”
    5) Getting to the bus stop just before the bus arrives
    6) Finding that the closest parking space on the side street is available.
    7) The last months of the year when they don’t take one of the deductions from my paycheck and there’s a few dollars extra.
    8) Anytime I can go to bed by 10:30 pm.
    9) Any evening I don’t have any “home work” left over from my day in the office.
    10) Any day there are not bills in the mail.
    11) Any day there’s no junk mail in the mail.
    12) Any holiday where there is no mail.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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