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Push LIKE if You Have Skin – Plus 10 More Desperate FB Page Ideas

So sad he had to be shamed in public that way, but they moved the sofa and this is what they found. He's one sick puppy!

So sad she had to be shamed in public that way, but they moved the sofa and this is what they found. She’s one sick puppy! (From MyDumbDogs.wordpress.com)

Yesterday, I saw an ad in the sidebar of facebook for a page called “I Love My Children.” It simply read: “Push LIKE if you love your children.” What’s crazier is that 5 of my friends had already “LIKED” said page (you know how it shows you that too?).

Wow, ladies you LOVE your children? No way! I can’t even wrap my head around it because you totally seemed like the types to down right hate your children, but then you went and pushed that button and now I’m all, “Maybe I misjudged you.” “Maybe you’re the best moms, like ever!” “Maybe you could watch mine sometime.” Then of course it dawned on me how very many of you so called friends of mine clearly DO NOT love your children which you made abundantly clear by NOT pushing “like”!

PS – To my mom and dad (who are on FB): I knew it! Don’t expect calls on your birthdays either … a-holes.

Is it just me or has the social networking world has gone bat shit crazy! Continue reading

Come One Come All

Like the great city of New York, I’m giving away vibrators, seriously. What am I talking about? How did this happen? How could you win?

If you’ve cracked open a paper or macbook recently, including the NY Post, whose headline read: Buzz Kill – city stops sex-toy giveaway, you would know that the lines to get a free Trojan sex toy in NYC yesterday stretched for blocks, clogging streets and blocking store fronts — Continue reading

The Powermat Givaway and Coupon Code | Jen’s Friends

This week, Lifestyle Expert, Jenny from the Blog’s NBC segment is on tips to declutter with kids. Because she is sooo awesome and in the know and loves her readers and viewers way more than she should… I, I mean she, is giving away these items from Powermat (A WINNER HAS ALREADY BEEN CHOSEN) Continue reading

Freebie of the Week – Jenny From the Blog’s Giveaway for Moms

This is the first giveaway of the week for my readers and those who watch my Parent and Lifestyle segment on NBC 6, names will be picked on Thursday March 3rd.

I highlighted these adorable inserts as Great Gear Moms Need for Travel and Organization.  I only feature items I truly love! (A WINNER HAS ALREADY BEEN CHOSEN) Continue reading