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Gen X Heartthrob Smackdown Round 1 Recap – Countdown to The Hottest 80s Hunk

This week on my Facebook Page, I’ve been having a Gen X Heartthrob Smackdown (sorry to my male non-gay readers). Anyhoo, I’m doing it because I’m tired of seeing my hub and his friends have all the fun with their NCAA brackets … and also because I’m bored. Continue reading

May The Shmoozee Be With You

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 7.59.04 AMOK, I was hired to make a sample video for a contest for SHMOOZEES. Yes, I rarely do this stuff, but my daughter kinda loves them … as she does any as seen on TV item. See: the Big Top Cupcake, Pillow Pets, Pajama Jeans … Seriously, for about a year of my life, I had to explain to her that we would NOT be able to wear matching Pajama Jeans to her class party and that neither the Buxton Over-The-Shoulder-Organizer nor the Aluma Wallet were my kinda THANG.

Though she frequently reminded me that the Buxton is “genuWINE” leather and the comfortable strap can be adjusted for maximum mobility.  Plus, she’s pointed out that the Aluma wallet is virtually indestructible, “you could even run over it with a car, mom!” Which I guess is a good point? I mean if I had a dollar for every time I inadvertently ran my wallet over with my car, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t be taking jobs to make sample videos, duh.

So, all that said, here is the video. I was not paid to put it up on my site I’m just doing it because, I actually enjoyed making it and I think it turned out somewhere between cringe-worthy and giggle- worthy, which is my favorite point in the humor spectrum.  ENJOY May the SHMOOZEE Be With You.

If you want to know more about the contest and prizes click here.


Push LIKE if You Have Skin – Plus 10 More Desperate FB Page Ideas

So sad he had to be shamed in public that way, but they moved the sofa and this is what they found. He's one sick puppy!

So sad she had to be shamed in public that way, but they moved the sofa and this is what they found. She’s one sick puppy! (From MyDumbDogs.wordpress.com)

Yesterday, I saw an ad in the sidebar of facebook for a page called “I Love My Children.” It simply read: “Push LIKE if you love your children.” What’s crazier is that 5 of my friends had already “LIKED” said page (you know how it shows you that too?).

Wow, ladies you LOVE your children? No way! I can’t even wrap my head around it because you totally seemed like the types to down right hate your children, but then you went and pushed that button and now I’m all, “Maybe I misjudged you.” “Maybe you’re the best moms, like ever!” “Maybe you could watch mine sometime.” Then of course it dawned on me how very many of you so called friends of mine clearly DO NOT love your children which you made abundantly clear by NOT pushing “like”!

PS – To my mom and dad (who are on FB): I knew it! Don’t expect calls on your birthdays either … a-holes.

Is it just me or has the social networking world has gone bat shit crazy! Continue reading